Sodium Hydrosulphite

Sodium Hydrosulphite, which we provide, is procured from specialized factories in the domain to ensure consistent purity. This Chemical is acclaimed for its purity and shelf-life. We make sure to pack this, using chemical-grade packaging material.


Application : It is widely used in the textile industry for vat dyeing, reduction cleaning, printing and stripping, textile materials bleaching. It is also used in bleaching paper pulps, especially mechanical pulp; bleaching kaolin clay. As a reducing agent, it is used in organic synthesizing.


Properties : Sodium hydrosulfite by nature is a very reactive chemical which can decompose when exposed to air and moisture or contacts with small quantities of water. Decomposition will result in spontaneous ignition and liberating toxic gas--SO2. Reacts violently with oxidants which will lead to combustion or explosion.


Storage : The product must be always handled and stored in sealed clean iron drums or bulk containers. Avoid contacts with moisture, acids, oxidizing chemicals and combustible organic substances. Protect the product from direct sunlight, heat, sparks and open flames. Carefully handle the product and avoid damaging the package.