Tech Grade Trisodium Phosphate

Tech Grade Trisodium Phosphate

Tech Grade Trisodium Phosphate, which we make available, is procured from specialized factories in the domain to ensureconsistent purity. The speciality of our Trisodium Phosphate is that it is Free Flowing in nature. We are lined up amidst the reliable Importers and Wholesale Suppliers of the Tech Grade Trisodium Phosphate from Perumbavoor (Kerala). Having varied industrial applications, this Tech Grade Trisodium Phosphate Industrial Chemical is appreciated for its purity.


Application : Used as a water softening agent, buffering agent, cleaning agent in electroplating, color fixer in fabric dyeing etc. Also used to avoid re-precipitation of Fe in Kaolin Clay processing after bleach.


Properties : White free flowing crystals, easily soluble in water but not in organic solution. Its water solution is alkaline with a PH value (1% solution) of 12.1 , relative density at 1.62g/cm3, and melting point is 73.4oC


Product Trisodium Phosphate (Tech Grade)
Chemical Formula Na3HPO4.nH2O (n=0,12)
HS Code 28352910
Analysis Standard HG/T2517-93
Packings 25 Kg HDPE Bags (with inner poly bag.)
Shelf Life Two years.
Storage Keep under cover in a cool, dry place and stacking not exceeding 15 layers.

Chemical Properties

Na3PO4, 12H2O 98 % Min.
P2O5 18% Min.
Moisture 0.1% Max
Water Insolubles 0.1 % Max
Sulphite (as SO4 ) 0.5% Max.
Chloride (as CI ) 0.3 % Max.
Iron (as Fe) 0.01 % Max.
Alkalinty of methyl orange (by Na2O)% 16.0-19.0
pH Value 11 - 12
Note : The above data does not represent a Specification, but are indicative in nature only.