Tech Grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate

Having varied industrial applications, the Tech Grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate Industrial Chemical, which we offer, is processed under the guidance of Experts. We provide the Tech Grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate at the market leading rates to the customers. This Tech Grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate Industrial Chemical is acclaimed for its matchless purity.


Application : Used as one of the main auxiliaries for synthetic detergent, synergist for soap, water softener, tanning agent for leather making, auxiliary for dyeing etc. As an effective dispersion agent for suspension solutions of coatings, kaolin, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate and drilling mud etc. As an oil contamination resistance agent in paper production.


Properties : White powder; Melting point 622oC; Easily soluble in water, exceptional chelating capacity to ions of Ca and Mg etc. It can soften hard water and help in settling suspended particles to make the solution clear. It has got weak alkalinity but is not corrosive. It is a surfactant, and has got outstanding emulsification to lubricants and fat. It has different bulk density, i.e. low density 0.35-0.5g/cm3, medium density 0.51-0.65g/cm3 and high density 0.66-0.9g/cm3. It has two crystalline forms, namely Type I (high temperature type) and Type II (low temperature type). The chemical properties of the two types are the same, and the difference between them lies in the thermo stability, hygroscopicity, solubility and hydration heat when dissolved.


Product Sodium Tripoly Phosphate (Tech Grade)
Chemical Formula Na5P3O10
HS Code 28353100
Analysis Standard GB/T9983-2004
Packings 25 Kg HDPE Bags (with inner poly bag.)
Shelf Life Two Years
Storage Keep under cover in a cool, dry place and stacking not exceeding 15 layers

Chemical Properties

Purity 94.0% Min.
Purity 57.0% Min
Iron (Fe) 0.01% Max.
pH (1% Solution) 9.2 - 10
Particle size Fine Powder/Granular.
Note : The above data does not represent a Specification, but are indicative in nature only.